#WinterTest – because feeling is believing

wintertest-reading-horizontalStand 47 was built over a year ago to show the integration, versatility, quality and efficiency of state-of-the-art Saint-Gobain products in a high-end home, and create awareness of building methodologies that are efficient and cost effective.

One of the objectives of the home is to meet the needs and functions of its owner over time, thereby maximizing its life time value. By engaging with the idea of a changeable and ‘enduring’ home, this project is built with the capacity to adapt to new needs and functions, so that it can flexibly serve one family for decades.

While adaptability is important when building or renovating a home, the bigger question becomes, what benefits does a home built using Saint-Gobain materials hold? The answer is easy – a high performance and sustainable home. Saint-Gobain products are designed to create homes that engage our senses and are healthy environments in which to raise a family. Couple this with the current energy crisis and increasing energy costs, and Stand 47 stands out from the rest of the housing market.  Combining Saint-Gobain systems (including Gyproc; Isover; Weber; PAM) with solar PV power, a heat pump and rainwater harvesting, further empowers the home owner. Simply put, building in the Stand 47 way is better. Better in terms of how it makes you feel, in how it performs and its long-term economic reward.

But ‘feeling’ is believing. Stand 47 is open to the public allowing them to test Saint-Gobain’s claims and share their experience by taking part in the WinterTest. Will they feel cold or uncomfortable in this home in the middle of Winter? Probably not. Stand 47 was built as proof of Saint-Gobain’s conviction about the home’s comfort and efficiency. What is more believable than a cold hard case study… communicated in real time by real people?

The WinterTest is documented live on the Stand 47 website – temperature (inside and outside) as well as PV power tracking are available on the website, while WinterTest reports are made available on the Visual Diary. A range of guests such as editors, journalists, celebrities and selected people who demonstrate an interest in sustainable (and better) building, are due to stay in the home over the remainder of Winter. The only catch – there is no electrical heating and their feedback will be tweeted live.

So far, the WinterTest has seen its first few ‘test-pilots’ share their experiences. Michelle Snaddon of Real Estate magazine was the first ‘heat-seeker’ to spent a night in the home noting with surprise that she “never lived in a house that has such a vast living space without curtains or blinds, but Stand 47 shows that it can be done without compromising on comfort.” While outside temperatures neared the zero degree mark, inside the home remained warm, prompting live feedback such as “I feel so relaxed because I’m not uncomfortably cold or walking around in layers to keep warm. The entire house feels cocooned”. When asked whether she would live in a house built like Stand 47 she said, “The experience is altogether more comfortable and relaxing than living in a brick house – it’s chalk and cheese, literally.” Mila Crewe-Brown assistant editor of House and Leisure magazine was next in line. The house exceeded her expectations by marrying slick design to hi-tech building materials without compromising on comfort, so much so that she added, “following the best night of sleep I have had in a long time, I’m feeling extremely comfortable in this home. Given its incredible sound and temperature insulation, it is an uplifting space to exist in”.

If you would like to test the house and experience its extraordinary building technology first hand, apply to become part of the ‘test-pilot’ process on www.stand47.co.za.