Understated, with a charm that implies a home not just a house.

kevin els

Principal partner of EVOLVE architects, Kevin Els stayed at Stand 47 this past weekend. He has extensive experience in design and implementation, and his design of creative spaces, as well as practical and technical aspects, are of great benefit to his client base. Kevin specializes in residential, corporate, industrial as well as healthcare architecture and is responsible for several of the Firm’s major clients. Kevin values the team approach and ethos, “There is a great reward in placing emphasis on creativity and consideration to our environment within the design”.

Stand 47 : What was your first impression of the house and did anything specific catch your attention?

Kevin: I liked the approach to the architecture and its understated space, yet inviting and generous proportions. The clean lines and uncluttered interior make really good use of space and ergonomics.

Stand 47 : How does the real thing compare with your expectations?

Kevin: It’s very nice and falls above expectation.

Stand 47 : Tell us about a night at Stand 47. Give us details!

Kevin: The house was able to maintain comfortable warm conditions all day and into the night. Even with the beginning chill of the extreme cold front we experienced this week arriving on Saturday night, the house was cosy and remained very comfortable next morning. I was surprised by the high level of climatic comfort, the spaciousness, the well-considered layout and stillness.

Stand 47 : What is your opinion of the home next morning?

Kevin: I had a very good night’s sleep in the quiet and still environment created by Stand 47. This experience has changed my perception of a house built without bricks by demonstrating a very high level of quality.

Stand 47: Could you describe your favourite aspect of the home?

Kevin:  Monaghan Farm and Stand 47 are a good combination to the peaceful and relaxing environment one strives for in a home. This house is the way forward; to design a home that structurally envelops a comfortable interior climate irrespective of the season. The home is understated, with a charm that implies a home, not just a house

Stand 47: And finally, we have to know, would you live in a home like this?

Kevin: Yes… I’m a creative person and in this still environment creativity will definitely prosper!