1Dewald Prinsloo co-founded the bespoke gallery space EBONY (@ebonycurated) in 2007 along with Leonard de Villiers and Marc
Stanes. Their gallery spaces in Franschhoek and Cape Town showcase classic and contemporary fine art combined with exclusive, local product and furniture design. His interest in South African design that has equal parts of soul and sophistication, made him a great candidate for a Winter stay at Stand 47.

Stand 47 : What was your first impression of the house and did anything specific catch your attention?

Dewald: The sense of space and the comfortable warmth that I felt upon entering the home impressed me. I felt that this home managed to convey the qualities of stylish elegance while maintaining an understated look.

Stand 47 : How does the real thing compare with your expectations?

Dewald: It significantly exceeded my expectations.
2Stand 47 : Tell us about a night at Stand 47. Give us details!

Dewald: At 10 PM, the indoor temperature was 18 degrees, while outside it was a really cold 3! Despite the big difference from the outdoors to indoors, it was much warmer than I expected and quite cosy. The house was extremely comfortable at all times of the day and night.

Stand 47 : What is your opinion of the home next morning?

Dewald: Well, the house was so quite overnight so I slept really well. I had no idea that a house built without bricks could meet these levels of sophistication and performance. I am impressed by how warm and quiet the house is. A place where I could be productive and happy.
3Stand 47: Could you describe your favourite aspect of the home?

Dewald: I’ve loved every minute in this home; it’s calm, tranquil, inspiring. The positioning on the farm and on the stand itself is perfect and the living experience over the past two days has been brilliant.

Stand 47: And finally, we have to know, would you live in a home like this?

Dewald: Yes! And yes, again!