This experience has changed my perceptions…


Test pilot No. 6 reviews a night at Stand47…

Metallurgical Engineer by trade, Natus Viljoen is in charge of World Class Manufacturing facilitation at Donn. He recently put his technical experience to use as he spent a night at Stand 47 for the #WinterTest. He scrutinized the balance of technology and comfort, and the performance of the home over a cold front.

Stand 47 : What was your first impression of the house and did anything specific catch your attention?

Natus : I was impressed by the house from the outside, but especially from inside. At first I noticed the inviting and welcoming open space, but was struck by the warmth inside the house although it was cold outside. The temperature is just right and I feel very comfortable here. It is very different from our experience in traditional brick homes.

Stand 47 : How does the real thing compare with your expectations?

Natus : Nice…above expectation

Stand 47 : Tell us about a night at Stand 47. Give us details!

Natus : At 10 PM on the eve of a cold front, it was an icy 6 degrees outside while indoors it was a toasty 23 – a massive 17 degrees difference. We tested it by going outdoors and there was a huge difference, like night and day. It feels good not to have any electrical heating on.

Stand 47 : What is your opinion of the home next morning?

Natus : I slept very well and woke up next morning with the outside temperature at 0 degrees. Inside it was 13 degrees warmer. This home was nice and quiet overnight.

Stand 47: Could you describe your favourite aspect of the home? Natus : After settling down into Stand 47 it started to feel homely. The house is so quiet and relaxing, and I imagine that some background music will set the mood even more. The shape of the house from outside does not reveal the dynamic qualities of the house inside – simple yet comfortable, and spacious and warm.

Stand 47: And finally, we have to know, would you live here?

Natus : I would be happy living in a home like this and would definitely be productive here. My favourite aspect of the home was its openness, clean lines and green living. Overall, this experience has changed my perception of homes built without bricks.