Our Stand 47 Winter Test is now underway at Stand47 (a state-of-the-art home built almost entirely without-brick) with the core objective of proving that a home does not require electrical heating in winter to deliver a comfortable experience.



South Africa is in for a cold and dark winter as load shedding forges ahead and energy costs are due to increase by over 12 percent. While many households will endure cold spells to keep down their energy costs, we are focused on providing alternatives and solutions…

We’re setting out to prove that building sustainably is not only energy efficient and cost-effective, but also luxurious from a comfort and quality point of view.

The Stand 47 #WinterTest

Leading industry journalists, celebrities and the public alike are invited to spend an all expenses-paid night in the home in the heart of a Highveld winter and report back on their experience to the public.

Further, the home’s internal and external temperature is being measured in real-time throughout winter, giving the public a rare glimpse into how a contemporary home can keep itself warm without the need for costly electrical heating.

Added to this, the home’s energy consumption is also being tracked live, delivering detailed data of how much energy the home is in fact consuming and producing over the course of a 24-hour day.

First in-line is Michelle Snaddon – editor of Real Estate Magazine, followed by Mila Crewe-Brown of House and Leisure. Guest also include journalist Jeremy Maggs and Gerhard & Kalika Painter, who are in the process of planning a new home build on Monaghan Farm where Stand 47 is situated. Importantly, our guests are not chosen by lucky draw – anybody with a sincere interest in the project is potentially eligible to be a Winter Test Pilot.

Guest feedback will be shared on Stand 47’s Twitter feed (@Stand_47) , Facebook feed and live updates to the Stand 47 website . All updates will also carry the #wintertest hashtag.

We believe Stand 47 serves as an example of what can be achieved when building with state-of-the-art building materials and considered design – and we’re now putting our beliefs to the test.