The Stand 47 vision

The vision for this project is to design a house that will stand the test of time; to build a house that meets contemporary needs and yet remains flexible enough to adapt to future ones. It aims to explore the topic of efficiency from a more holistic and resilient viewpoint and to look at innovation as a creative force.

In addition to designing a house that responsibly marries efficiency and innovation to architectural aesthetic, this project also acts as a case study, demonstrating that housing in South Africa can be successfully executed using predominantly energy efficient materials and yet retain the qualities of permanence and longevity associated with brick-and-mortar homes. To achieve this vision; synergy and collaboration between various professionals and stakeholders is essential, and therefore the client and landowner, Monaghan Estate, Saint-Gobain and their affiliates, and the architect, have embarked on this journey together. This website presents their discoveries.

For the client, this building (and by default, this website) aims to document an iterative process, comprising of the design and construction of a case study house that adapts to changing needs while maintaining its inherent value. For Monaghan Farm, this house serves as an example of the types of housing and architecture that embody the ethos of the Estate. For Saint-Gobain, it is an opportunity to demonstrate the integration, versatility and quality of their products, and their efficiency and aesthetic quality compared to traditional housing technologies. It affords an occasion to raise public awareness of their products from the high-end residential market, to all the others. 

All the collaborators hope that Stand 47 will act as a show house for the values and products that result in a flexible and enduring house for the South African landscape. It explores the extent to which this process, design and construction, can develop into a replicable model that can be built elsewhere. For this purpose, this website will track components of the design which can be generic and therefore are easily replicable, and others which have to be site specific and may require a different investigation. We don’t know beforehand, what Stand 47 will become…