The setting

A key aspect of the project lies within its setting at Monaghan Farm. The site is the most important generator of this design. It is within this rich environment that is filled with conditions for life, in all its forms, that Stand 47 begins its exploration of the home, and the conditions for life that it has to contain. Its intent is to add value (not necessarily monetary but qualitative) to the land with whatever form the final built product takes on. 

Located within Monaghan Farm just north of Lanseria Airport between Johannesburg, Tshwane and Mogale, it is a proponent of farm living on the edge of arguably the most vibey city in Southern Africa, and aspires to reconnect its residents to a deeper understanding of natural systems and spacious energies of the earth. It does so by preserving farm living through active organic gardening; indigenous natural systems by preserving the open space system and endemic plant-life; and the social synergies that naturally would develop in a community that relies on partial self-sustainability. It is 1 260 acres or 509 hectares in size with strict policies that protect the landscape from subdivisions and further developments. The Jukskei River meanders through it for more than 3km, providing common river frontage with gentle slopes.  It has ten acres dedicated to the growing of organic produce, herbs, cut flowers and botanical gardens and enjoys a secure environment guided by an ethos of self-sustainability and giving back to the environment.
Stand 47 is a North facing 3766sqm plot of veld grasses atop a gentle, three meter sloping site that falls toward the East with extensive views toward the Magaliesberg and it’s the valleys. Framed on the South by a line of mature trees, the architectural design of the site is further determined by strict architectural guidelines set up by the estate of which an aesthetics committee approve plans before construction. While not pushing any specific style, there are a few principles to apply in the architecture. With a maximum coverage of 1298sqm on Stand 47, the architecture may not exceed one storey and 1000sqm in size, with earthy external walls and roofs that do not increase visual bulk. All houses must have systems for water collection and passive solar design. Architecture should preserve the natural environment and blend into the landscape.