Site progress – 30 january 2013

Internal walls

The living space has been subdivided this week transforming the large open space into three bedrooms and a large living room with Saint-Gobain’s drywall partitions. Effectively, the internal space is turning into a home, while poetically capturing the quality of the high ceilings and clerestory windows in order to contain their charm within each room. The light steel frames have been erected with layers of Rhinoboard and Cavitybatt being added for insulation.


Cutting the Cavitybatt to size


Inserting it between the light steel where it will later be sandwiched between the boards.


The top-hung opening window sections are being installed by Amoretti, allowing for the rest of the double glazing to be put in place and sealing off the building.

Tiling & external wall finishes

The exteriors of the building are also getting their touch ups now. External tiling is almost complete and the overhang ceiling has been installed. The Webber base coat (traditionally plaster) is being touched up before the final render (traditionally paint) gets applied to the ETICS walls.


The ETICS wall render sample with the Base Boat surrounding it.


The mesh reinforcement is applied along with the base coat to the exterior of the ETICS wall.


The Webber Base Coat being applied