unnamedHolden Manz Wine Estate in Franschhoek is known for its picturesque setting and attention to detail. So when its Sales and Marketing director showed an interest in experiencing Stand 47 first hand, we made it happen.

Wayne Buckley-Koch heard about Stand 47 through word of mouth and has been following the project on social media.  He watched the promotional video and had a good sense of its sophisticated Saint-Gobain building materials which he considers make Stand 47 a visionary project. Yet he was impressed by how well the house lived up to his expectations in reality and found it to be well designed and thought out.
He was most impressed by the attention to detail that went on ‘behind the scenes’ to get this property to function and look as it does. For example, the temperature regulation through the layered and well-insulated walls ensure that the temperature inside the house is balanced to accommodate for a really comfortable environment without the need for heaters or massive services.
When we asked him what he loved most about the interior and exterior of the house he replied, “The exterior blends in perfectly with the beautiful environment while the interior is warm and inviting with creature comforts throughout.” He added that a light steel frame house is something he will consider as an option for a future home after experiencing Stand 47 first hand and reckons that more residential estates and homeowners will begin adopting this method of building because of its ease of use and performance benefits.