Introducing our approach

Simply – how can we do more with less?

The approach behind resolving the Stand 47 Case Study challenge we have set, is one of doing more with less. However, this does not imply that the project will be stripped of rich detail in favour of a quick solution and reduced effort. A fundamental reality is that more of one thing often leads to less of another. True efficiency is a factor of balance between important factors such as cost, comfort, aesthetics and a home’s resale value. Therefore, member of the team will carefully explore the ethos of doing more with less, through the lens of innovation, efficiency and learning from the past, while considering contemporary needs and restrictions. 

The Stand 47 professionals have each been investigating their are of speciality using the ethos of efficiency, and have been bringing their findings together in order to generate an innovating design solution. Their buy-in for the project has allowed for a rich contribution in the following ways: 

The primary leap toward technical innovation in this project comes from the collaboration with Saint-Gobain, led by Evan Lockhart-Barker (General Manager – Saint-Gobain South Africa). Their visionary input in the project includes the relevant incorporation of Saint-Gobain products for various aspects of the project including dry-wall partitioning, roof, ceiling and floor construction as well as more contemporary and experimental materials that may become available over the course of the project. 

The use of Saint-Gobain products hopes to illustrate a few things. Firstly, to demonstrate to the South African market that ‘alternative’ materials are as or more efficient than traditional brick-and-mortar construction and form a viable alternative in residential uses; it offers as much appeal to the high-end market as the emerging-market. Secondly, Saint-Gobain products can be used in a variety of integrated and innovative ways – from partitioning, to ceilings, to screens – thereby allowing industry practitioners to learn more about their beneficial application in green buildings. Lastly, that Saint-Gobain’s quality products offer tried-and-tested solutions for energy efficiency, health, comfort, and environmental protection.

Stand 47 will be a synthesis of these ideas into an architectural solution that meets constraints and practical concerns for efficiency and innovation with the aesthetic of a truly remarkable architecture that incorporates its environment today, while also acknowledging the need for adaptability going forward.

The objectives are:
1. to develop a world-class case study of efficiency
2. to create a physical experience for customer experience of Monaghan Farm
3. position and raise the profile of integrated Saint-Gobain products