Increased productivity by day, and relaxation by night.

All photos courtesy of German Otto Bodenbender. Featured here are German and Luciana.

German Otto Bodenbender, an Argentinian architect now living in Johannesburg, spent this past weekend at Stand 47. German has built up significant experience working at international and local architectural and urban design firms and currently works as an architect and BIM coordinator at one of South Africa’s largest architectural practices, Boogertman + Partners. 

Stand 47 : What was your first impression of the house and did anything specific catch your attention?

German Otto: The layout is very simple and has a clean design. The interior spaces open up to the outside, allowing natural light into the home while letting the surrounding outdoor environment form part of the house.

Stand 47 : How does the real thing compare with your expectations?

German Otto: Nice… above expectation. The temperature of the house feels just right, while the linear lines of the house create a pure design feel.

Stand 47 : Tell us about a night at Stand 47. Give us details!

German Otto : A storm blew over the estate in the early evening, and although the temperature outside was 10 degrees at 11PM, the temperature inside the house was just right at a cosy 23 degrees. In fact, the temperature inside the house stayed constant throughout the day. We enjoyed walking inside the house without our shoes on since the indoor climate was just right.



Stand 47 : What is your opinion of the home next morning?

German Otto :  I had my best night of sleep in a long time. The house was very quiet during the night, and I had no idea that a house built without bricks could perform so well, not only acoustically, but also thermally.

Stand 47 : Could you describe your favourite aspect of the home?

German Otto : The house is the perfect result of contemporary and flexible design with outstanding thermal and acoustics performance. It doesn’t compromise quality in any aspects of the design or construction.

Stand 47 : And finally, we have to know, would you live in a home like this?

German Otto : Oh yes! During the day, we experienced the space as a nice environment for productivity. During the evening, we felt it encourages relaxing and unplugging. We particularly loved laying on the floor in front of the fire, with a nice glass of wine to finish off the evening.