If I could, I would move in tomorrow!


Test pilot No. 8 reviews a night at Stand47…

Johannes Basson recently took part in the Stand 47 #WinterTest. He has a background in the construction industry and is the operations director at Central Developments.

Stand 47 : What was your first impression of the house and did anything specific catch your attention?

Johannes : I was continually impressed by the house throughout my time there. The spaciousness, beautiful finishes and the sense of calm inside the home caught my attention.

Stand 47 : How does the real thing compare with your expectations?

Johannes : Nice…above expectation

Stand 47 : Tell us about a night at Stand 47. Give us details!

Johannes : At 9 PM, it was chilly outside at 10 degrees while indoors we felt we were ‘cooking’ at 24 degrees without any help from electrical heating. In fact, we had to open a few of the windows in the home to get some cool fresh air inside the house. The house always felt surprisingly warm even though its design is really open and spacious.

Stand 47 : What is your opinion of the home next morning?

Johannes : I felt really comfortable in this house. After a great night’s sleep (in a home that is much more quite than a traditional home), the temperature in the home the next morning was just right, at 18 degrees.

Stand 47 : Could you describe your favourite aspect of the home?

Johannes : The house is well designed. Its simplicity and its relationship with the natural surroundings is another highlight. Inside, it has lovely finishes and provides a relaxed, quiet and calm atmosphere in a non-cluttered or over-decorated space.

Stand 47 : And finally, we have to know, would you live here?

Johannes : Definitely! I love the feeling of comfort I have in this beautiful and quiet home. I know that I could be very productive in a home such as this one and if I could, I would move in tomorrow!