Floor finishes

Some of the floors at Stand 47 have been screeded with Saint-Gobain Isover’s Politerm Blu, which is a thermal insulation mortar consisting of EPS beads which are treated with a chemical additive to enable the production of lightweight, thermal insulation mortars of various densities, with a K-value of 0.065 W/m.K to 0.1 W/m.K depending on density. 


Politerm Blu is non-flamable and considered to be an environmentally friendly product as it uses less material, less energy and produces less emissions, in addition to contributing nothing to global warming or the depletion of the ozone layer.


  • Easy to mix, place and finish
  • Cost effective
  • Homogenous bead distribution good workability, predictable performance
  • Mixed material can be pumped 100m horizontally & 30m vertically.
  • No loss of workability, even when pumped long distances
  • Mix design variable to produce densities from 200 to 1 000 kg/m3
  • Compatible with most finishing products and adhesives

For more information contact saint-gobain’s isover team on 012 657 2800 or visit www.isover.co.za