A number of buildings that entered this year’s BREEAM award for new offices, all had one thing in common: energy efficiency. The environmental and economical performance of all of the buildings that were shortlisted like, The EdgeNodaTorsplan development, Greendale, and The White Collar Factory,  is outstanding. Between all of these buildings, The Edge scored the highest on the BREEAM assessment with a score of 98.36%. However, one thing made The Edge the winning building, and that is its ability to achieve well-being.

“Out of the trinity of people, planet, and profit, the people aspects are becoming more and more important as a differentiator between sustainable buildings as most developers now master the planet and profit aspects very well. […]

The most outstanding feature of the building is the way it interacts with its inhabitants and the way it defines and achieves comfort. The comfort system not only optimizes temperature, but also light, radiation, and air flow internally.”

CO2 levels in a room are directly related to the alertness and productivity of people, therefore, these levels are adjusted. People are guided to workspaces that are best suited the work they have to do that day, and also to their personal preferences like a window seat, or the temperature within open plan office. The major shift that is being seen in office design is from building efficiency to people comfort since companies are realising that comfortable people are happy people, and happy people are more productive.

While we are seeing these shifts in office design, we have experienced similar sentiments from our guests, they all say they feel productive at Stand 47 because of its comfortable spaces. We think designing for well-being, is key in designing a happy home too.

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