Exploring Stand 47’s exterior cladding system from weber

Stand 47’s light steel frame will be clad with a new product from Weber Saint-Gobain, called ETICSExternal Thermal Insulation Composite System, or ETICS for short, is a thermally insulating, protective and decorative exterior cladding system which consists of a series of engineered expanded polystrene (EPS) panels, a waterproof membrane, together with a reinforcing cement base-coat and a mineral or polymeric finish plaster, all of which combine to exceed the R-values set out in SANS 10400-XA energy efficiency standards for new buildings. 

Taking positive action when planning and building an energy efficient home

The importance of a properly insulated home in today’s economic climate, cannot be overstated. With further energy related price increases expected on top of already un-affordable energy prices, the insulation properties of Weber’s ETICS system prove even more attractive. 

While property owners have little control over the ever increasing cost of energy, they can meaningfully reduce the amount of energy required to regulate the climate inside their buildings. Correctly installed, Weber ETICS will reduce energy wastage and increase internal comfort levels by reducing heating or cooling bills.

Installation methodology

Weber ETICS can be fixed to existing or new substrate consisting of brick, cement blocks or LSF (Light weight Steel Frame) using Weber engineered EPS panels and specialized fixings. A Weber Base Coat with mesh reinforcement for additional strength is applied to the EPS panels and once cured, a final decorative render is applied to finish the system. Weber’s Decorative Render is available in a variety of colours, sizes and textures all ready-mixed and made to match the required specification. Applied by trowel, they offer a high quality exterior finish that is highly waterproof and durable.


Apart from the significant savings ETICS systems can provide in occupancy running costs, ETICS also offer benefits to the construction process and offer a viable and valuable construction method for home owners looking to lower their construction times, and improve the efficiency of the building process as well as thermal efficiency during habitation. In a recent article in Walls & Roofs, ETICS systems were said to be 84% more thermally efficient than other wall systems including brick, glass, concrete and wood, because they have a large R-value of 3.76. Additional Benefits include: 

  • Light Weight
  • Speed of erection
  • Minimal waste
  • Increased in usable and Gross Letable Areas
  • Increased thermal performance
  • Reduced design loads on structure
  • No need for painting 
  • Render comes tinted in colour specified by client
  • 10 year guarantee on Webers’s ETIC System
  • Save on scaffolding costs
  • No craning of materials required during construction
  • Design flexibility


While ETICS can be costly to install, its advantages include improved air tightness of the building, as well as substantially increased thermal performance of the building: the resultant savings achieved far exceed the initial additional cost incurred at the time of installation. 

If ETICS is applied in conjunction with a LSF (Light Weight Steel Frame) structure further reductions in the heavy design loads on the edge of slabs can be achieved, which in turn can reduce the need for ‘up-stand’ beams. This is an important factor to take into account when determining the savings that can be achieved using Weber ETICS, as it only weighs 60kg/m2 as opposed to double brick work that weighs approximately 450kg/m2. In addition, the increased amount of usable space that is freed up by using ETICS systems, can be up to 1-2% of the floor space since ETICS walls are narrower than brick walls and the cladding takes up space to the exterior of the building.

Savings are also achieved on installation time when using Weber ETICS and can drastically reduce the build time. Saint-Gobain’s Weber ETICS systems, are therefore a tried-and-tested alternative for external walls, that not only offer many benefits during construction, but also increased savings after occupation during the lifetime of the building.

For more information, please contact Quinton Peters at Saint-Gobain Weber on 012 657 2800.