A symbiosis of materials – light steel & heavy stone

There are a number of scenarios that usually play out in the construction of a new high-end home. From the various construction technologies and material options out there, either of two distinct technologies are usually chosen: a typical masonry or concrete structure, or an alternative such as the light steel construction option. 

Instead of choosing either of these two options exclusively, Stand 47 uses a hybrid so as to enhance their best qualities and utilise their full potential. The use of stone clad masonry and light steel is the result of a carefully considered mixture of two distinct technologies and materials. The importance and permanence of stone clad masonry as the heavier material relates directly to the natural and tactile qualities of the landscape, and is used for retaining walls (mediating the site and the farm beyond) as well as offering structural support to the home by anchoring parts of the structure to the site. In contrast, the light steel frame structure and cladding speaks to a more flexible structure, one which can adapt slowly to the future needs of its inhabitants and which seems to rest respectfully and discreetly within this majestic setting. 

This symbiosis of materials and technologies demonstrates that the construction techniques need not be exclusive nor compete with each other. Rather, when used to their full potential together, they can supplement each other’s positive qualities and jointly create a well-balanced state-of-the-art construction that feels like a home and also embodies the best of contemporary design, technology and construction.