House & Leisure 2016 #RestTest winner


What do you do when your life is stressing you and your husband out so much that you are both feeling overwhelmed? You look for a chance to get away, change, recharge, energize, connect. You start seeing beautiful escapes all around you. On one particular day, you can’t resist entering the House & Leisure competition for a weekend away at Stand 47. And if you are Jorindi van Eeden, you win it!

Jorindi told us after her stay at Stand 47 that her main motivation to enter the competition was to go somewhere with her husband (who works extremely hard) and to get away from their stressed-out daily lives.  She wasn’t aware of its significance as a case study for light steel construction (and Saint-Gobain materials) in South Africa, however, the moment she arrived inside the home she felt that something about it is different. What made her realise that this house is different from most homes, was the extraordinary comfort she felt inside.

Jorindi describes spending the weekend wearing a t-shirt, not feeling the nippy Highveld Autumn weather. She reckons that no brick house she has been in can compare with the extremely comfortable conditions inside Stand 47 because of its hi-tech building materials and the systems that make it up.

Contributing to her positive experience she added, are the subtle aesthetics complementing the surrounding landscape as well as the practical design behind the adaptable interior living space, which makes future alterations easy. She loved the way the house made her feel comfortable and relaxed and told us that permanently living in a house like Stand 47, is now on her bucket list.