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Looks can be deceiving. A house is so much more than a few walls and a roof.

Ours is no ordinary house. It’s a hi-tech system for living in.

Our rooms are not just useful spaces. They are the stage where dreams are manufactured.

Our home is about experiences. Good experiences. Making memories. Yes, at Stand 47 all the technology and green boxes are checked, but more than this, it’s a home you can fall in love with.


A weekend of culinary adventure awaits…

Only one sleep to the weekend…




At Stand 47 we’ve demonstrated our commitment to resource efficiency and considered design, by building a house that uses contextually determined green building principles.  While our architects did most of the green design work and investigation themselves, there is a new tool that can help you and your building team to design a greener home. That is why we are really excited about EDGE. As part of the initiatives promoted by the Green Building council of South Africa, this new rating tool has been contextually adapted and developed for the housing market to assist home owners to build greener homes.

EDGE or “Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies, seeks to help facilitate a transformation of the property sector in rapidly urbanising countries by influencing design considerations. To achieve the EDGE standard, minimum savings of 20% energy, water, and embodied energy in materials must be met.”

For houses designed with green and sustainable principles, EDGE is a great way to recognise these efforts and give credibility to the leading edge that these properties have over the rest of the residential market. This is great news for the property market in SA, providing assistance to design more efficient and possibly future-proof houses.

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Many of us hope to build our own dream house in South Africa, but the options seem limited and expensive. Buying land, finding a contractor, buying bricks and mortar and factoring in the time it takes to build. There seem to be so few alternatives available to make building a dream home a possibility.

But is it a lack of alternatives, or a lack or imagination? Have we been trained into believing that a house can only be built out of bricks? Has this perception become so ingrained that even the building industry and municipalities believe it is the only option?

We believe, there is no lack of alternative housing solutions in South Africa, only a lack of imagination. And furthermore, we believe that not only are there alternatives, but that some out-perform the standard brick house.

But don’t take our word for it. Experience the alternative. Take a tour of Stand 47 and see imagination turned into innovation.


VISI Great Spaces Tour at Stand 47


Last Saturday, saw Stand 47 being the first in a series of Great Spaces Tours. These tours take place in remarkable buildings featured in the VISI magazine and aim to give the public an insider’s view of the unique features that make these buildings out of the ordinary.

While Gavin Rooke and Annemarie Meintjies shared the innovative architectural design aspects and building material technologies that make this house out-perform many others, our visitors were treated to decadent chocolate cake and Graham Beck MCC.

In partnership with Saint-Gobain, the VISI Great Spaces Tour, is a rare opportunity to directly experience the excellence of South African architecture and the building industry as a whole.


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