You’re thinking of building a new home.

You really want to build a home that offers great value (both in terms of money and comfort) and also stands the test of time. You may also want to try something different to make your home unique and better than the rest. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to experiment when building your own home. So we have done it for you, and then we put all our knowledge into one super stylish, easy to navigate, interactive website. We’ve experimented, so that you can enjoy the benefits!

Explore our content-filled website, by touring through the house,  reading up on the steps that went into the building process (and all the things you need to know) and discovering the benefits of our choice of state-of-the-art building materials and technologies, or downloading a summary of it all. All this from the comfort of your seat. Our new look Stand 47 website is your first step to your Abode of Awesome.


website cover

Today we are excited to publicly launch our smartly redesigned website, which features an exciting step-by-step filmed tour of Stand 47. For viewers interested in our design and construction, but unable to visit the house in person, this innovative virtual tour allows them to ‘see’ all the benefits for themselves.

The filmed tour gives viewers a visually rich experience of the home and allows them to ‘move’ through the house with ease, and to ‘pause’ their tour at any time to access embedded  information about building materials, design and technology. The virtual tour offers all the important information about Stand 47, at the click of a button, and makes it available to anyone with a smart device and internet (without needing to install a separate application).

For anyone interested in learning more about Stand 47’s benefits, construction and material technology, and overall rationale, the tour offers the best place to demystify perceptions and to provide a tangible experience of what it is like to build an ‘Abode of Awesome’.




Building is a daunting process. Apart from the capital investment that goes into it, there is also the psychological and emotional burden. While we cannot guarantee a quick and easy solution for these concerns, we’ve learnt a few useful tips from building Stand 47 that might be helpful to consider.

1 – Cost does not equal value
Budget plays a huge part in any building project, however we have learnt there is a big difference between cost and value. While design can be adjusted to decrease costs, this does not necessarily increase value. There is also a limit to the value that a house has once it is built (even if it is renovated). Get the basics right. First, understand that cutting costs during construction might be increasing your long term maintenance and running costs. Then, build within your means, but understand that by using technology that can do more with less, you create value by having a hi-quality product that ‘stands out’ from the rest of the housing stock.

2 – Focus on comfort
A comfortable home is one that functions well and that can accommodate the needs of its users over a long period of time. Comfort consists of physical comfort in the home (sight, sound, touch, hearing), and design and building system modularity that allow the home to evolve over time without having to be extensively (and expensively) renovated. Choose building materials that perform better and that can make comfort an ongoing possibility in your home.

3 – Trends go away
Rather than building a home according to a trendy aesthetic, aim for timelessness. This comes from building a home that is suited to your needs, but that has some flexibility within to suits the needs of another family when you put it on the market. Allow the style or aesthetic of your house to come from its unique site characteristics, the function, the materials used and from the building technology. Be authentic. A good architect will be able to craft these qualities to your own personality so that your home still reflects your interests.

What lies ahead for Stand 47 during 2015?

Last year, we focused on the process of building a light steel frame home using Saint-Gobain building systems. We also shared its safety, health, green and comfort benefits. That’s why we like calling Stand 47, the Abode of Awesome.

So this year, Stand 47 is still available for a tour, but we’d like to focus on enriching the digital experience so that you have a feeling of being ‘there’ from the comfort of your own home. We’d also like to make it easier for you to build your own version of Stand 47, by offering tips and info, links to building professionals and evidence that more people are looking at building in this way not only for property investment purposes, but more so as an investment into their family and lifestyle.

2015 – Abode of Awesome is going to be visual,  informative and experiential and we look forward to sharing more of Stand 47 with you this year.