Etics performance during the rainy season

How have our external etics walls performed during the rainy season? 
the answer is really well …

The external ETICS walls at Stand 47 consist of 8 layers of specialized factory-made materials which are assembled on site to create any wall size, shape or form – together they form an inseparable high-performance solid wall. Each layer is designed caters to a specific aspect of weatherproofing and performance such as thermal, moisture and strength control.
In dealing with the wet conditions, ETICS walls have the following benefits:

  • they are covered with polymeric base coats and finishing renders that are weatherproof and protect the facade. 
  • they are made up of inorganic materials which prevent the growth of mould.
  • they offer bi-directional thermal insulation in hot and cold weather.
  • their long-lasting renders (final pigmented coats) do not fade out over time.
  • the final render coat does not blister or detach from the insulation layer and therefore does not allow for any water to transfer through to the insulation.
  • the ‘sandwich’ of hi-tech Saint-Gobain materials in ETICS walls means when put together the wall becomes a single entity and its layers are no longer separable. Therefore these walls can withstand high impact. Freak hailstorms are not a worry.
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The flow of life – rainwater

We can’t predict what the future holds, but at Stand 47 we believe it is better to be prepared and proactive when it comes to our natural resources. For those of us who are aware of the water restrictions set to hit Gauteng in the next few years due to the combined effects of acid mine drainage and ground water depletion, we know that we have to protect the good quality water sources that we do have and not waste drinking water unnecessarily. 

Typical Household Water use in South Africa shows that most of the drinking water in a home is wasted in watering the garden.

There are two ways we can do that. Firstly, by leaving as much of the site in its natural form, planted with indigenous grasses and plants that are not water hungry. The natural cover will allow water to drain through the soil and into underground water systems, which are essential for many living systems further afield and for many households and cities who depend on groundwater for survival. It will also limit the potential for flash-flooding. Secondly, by harvesting rainwater we can do our bit for nature by saving drinking water for human use only and not wasting it on gardening, washing the car or topping up the swimming pool. 

At Stand 47 we have installed four 5000L Rainwater tanks to harvest rain from the roofs on the main buildings. Three of the tanks collect water from the roof over the living areas and are connected in series. The fourth tank independently collects water from the services area. The rainwater is used for the garden, washing cars or garden equipment and for topping up the swimming pool which contributes to about 35% of the water consumption of an average household. At this stage, it is not used for flushing toilets. Given that an average family with two parents and three kids uses about 37500L of water a month, then about 13125L goes to the garden etc. That means that the total of 20000L of rain water harvested at Stand47 will be able to supply water for 1.5 months into the dry season or longer if rationed out.

Stand 47 receives a highly commended at the 2014 afrisam innovation award for sustainable construction


Above: Grant Neser from AfriSams and Michelle Cerruti from Saint-Gobain

We are so proud to announce that Stand 47 has received a highly commended in the tough and diverse category of sustainable construction in the prestigious 2014 AfriSam Construction Awards.

According to Crown publishers, the organising body, “The AfriSam Innovation Award for Sustainable Construction category illustrated just how far South Africa has progressed in terms of sustainability. Twelve very diverse projects competed in this category… Saint Gobain-Gyproc’s ‘Stand 47′ entry… illustrates just how sustainable and innovative housing can be…

There were 62 entries taking part in 7 Categories in the AfriSam sponsored competition, which the only one of its kind in South Africa which awards excellence in the entire construction industry and therefore receive wider recognition. The AfriSam Innovation Award for Sustainable Construction was one of the first awards for sustainable building in South Africa.


The Stand 47 team from Left to right: Jerry (Thomshoff + Partner architects), Michelle (Saint-Gobain), Karlien (Thomshoff + Partner architects) and Rozanne (Thomshoff + Partner architects)

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Stand 47 is the first of visi’s ‘great spaces’ in association with saint-gobain

For Saint-Gobain, experiencing a great home yourself is about experiencing how better spaces can make you feel better. A motivation for building Stand 47 was the ‘don’t take our word for it, see for yourself‘ approach. There really is no better way of believing in something than by allowing people to experience the benefits themselves. This is why Saint-Gobain have partnered up with VISI Great Spaces, to allow you to visit the ‘great places’ featured in the magazine and judge for yourself. 

The first of these guided tours will be at Stand 47

Hosted by VISI’s Annemarie Meintjies, 25 guests will meet the design team and key collaborators who will share how design and contemporary technology coexist to create a modern home that is comfortable, familiar, healthy, efficient, safe and eco-friendly. Book now!


Date: Saturday 31 January 2015
Time: 10am – 12pm
Venue: Stand 47 at Monaghan Farm
Ticket Price: R150

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The many faces of home

This is not a house. It’s your command station for living.

A simple statement that sums the impact a house has on the lifestyle experiences of the family living in it. A comfortable and flexible home can be the source of positive experiences in your life and make you feel good, recharged and revitalised. We feel so strongly about the impact a house can have that we believe it can change your life. 

Our challenge to you is to imagine what your house should feel like. Is is your temple, castle, control centre, office, culinary laboratory, retreat, party zone, nest, community centre, resort, spa or a combination of all of these? Whatever you believe home should be, imagine it as being something much greater than the cost, the materials, the ‘style’ or the size. These are important. But they are not everything. When building your own home, your are building an experience for the next few decades. An experience that you and your loved-ones will share, but also an experience that you might sell on to others. That’s why Stand 47 is not just a house.