Future spaces – a platform for design excellence

Stand 47 has been featured on Future Spaces, a new blog hosted by Saint-Gobain’s Gyproc, aimed at promoting discussion and awareness about good design and practice by show casing a number of high-quality examples in South Africa. 

As Future Spaces explains, “Architects and interior designers can share their work, be inspired by best practice and share issues that are key to the success of good spaces. For developers and homeowners it provides informative and fresh points of view on alternate building materials and design solutions for the future.”

follow this link to read the stand 47 article and explore other inspiring projects

Luxurious and green – financial mail features Stand 47

The Financial Mail has recently published an article on Stand 47 titled, “SA architects and designers break new dawn” by Joan Muller. The articles cover the efficiency concept versus ‘green’ buzzwords as well as the importance of having a home that has room to adapt to a family’s needs overtime; “What one can do is design an open-ended home that has the capacity to change, should change be required. And the key benefit of the flexible and changeable home concept is that the property’s value will be maximised over time.” The article also covers the building time frame, cost effectiveness and smarter technologies… “The Stand 47 house is a case study to show that top-end SA homes can be green without luxury and aesthetics being sacrificed”.

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