Looking back at the launch event


From Left to Right: John and Wesley (Style Projects), Michelle (Saint-Gobain), Karin and Gavin Rooke (developers), Karlien (Thomashoff + partner architects), Leonard (Ebony), Jerry and Rozanne (Thomashoff + partner architects), Evan (Saint-Gobain), Dewald (Ebony) and James (Ample Power)

There is a perfect moment at the end of every building project when the team celebrate the successful completion of a project into which they have put so much of their time, energy and passion. For Stand 47, this moment took place on Wednesday, the 9th of April 2014. In the late afternoon, the property came to life when over 60 guests arrived for the launch and got to experience the completed project for the first time. 
The main speech was presented by Gavin Rooke, who talked about the project process, design narrative and the overarching vision for creating a ‘better’ home by using available alternative high-quality materials that perform better and improve the comfort and quality of life of future users. This high-tech vision is blended into a familiar home aesthetic, that doesn’t take away from the beauty of the landscape. The importance of this website was also mentioned, as a open source of information for those interested in the materials and also the process undertaken to build Stand 47 – it holds the capacity to demystify many of the products used and change some South African perceptions about this construction style. 
The launch also provided the opportunity to introduce a VIRTUAL TOUR of the house, which for many interested people living outside of Gauteng may be the only opportunity they have to experience the house. For those who are able to visit in person, it provides a room-by-room synopsis of key features in order to deepen their experience and provide a better understanding of the materials and technologies that have gone into making the house.

Stand 47’s collaborators are

Gavin and Karin Rooke  – enquire@stand47.co.za
Saint-Gobain South Africa – www.saint-gobain.co.za
Thomashoff + partner architects – thomashoff studio
Monaghan Farm – www.monaghanfarm.co.za
Style Projects – www.styleprojects.net
Rhino Wood  – www.rhinowood.co.za
Amoretti – www.amoretti.co.za
Ample Power – www.amplepower.co.za
Ebony Design – www.ebonydesign.co.za

Check out our virtual tour!

It’s the day we all have been waiting for…Stand 47 is complete! We’ve compiled a room by room tour of the house with key information about each part, showing you what the finished product looks like. Start your tour NOW!

The poetry of light – our woltemade light fixtures

In creating Stand 47, so much attention has been given to details because of the value that neat detailing adds to the quality of the experience that visitors and residents will have of the home. In as much as the home carefully incorporates windows that flood the home with natural light during the day, bringing the home to life at night is just as important. Choosing light fixtures for Stand 47 was therefore not an easy task, as they would need to embody the quality of excellence, express rich materiality and create a dynamic poetry of light in the home at night. To achieve this, Stand 47 has partnered with WOLTEMADE whose light fixtures have provided a solution in their elegant yet dramatic designs.

Who are woltemade?

WOLTEMADE is driven by the creative energy of designers Johan (Industrial Design graduate from the University of Johannesburg who specialised in boat design was head of design at KND Naval Design and 2007 Elle Decoration Solve Sit winner) and Lene (Interior Design graduate from the Tshwane University of Technology who specialised in Residential Interior design and worked at Kyle Roux Interiors). The name WOLTEMADE refers to the local Cape Town hero Wolraad Woltemade & his horse Vonk. It speaks to local heritage and is visually bold to represent their products internationally.

In 2008 Johan and Lene moved to Cape Town where in 2010 they started exploring & conceptualising products where their first product prototype was the Vonk Light. Here is what they have to say about it:

“The initial idea behind the Vonk light was to design a flowing shape with and exposed industrial fitting. We ended up with a concept to have tapered funnel shape the will grip onto a O-ring around the cord, so it almost seem like the shade was floating and relied on gravity to to pull the assembly into position. We sent the design drawings to a couple of glassblowers around the country to which most replied “it can not be done”. The only blower up to the challenge was master blower David Reade, we produce the first batch of 10 and was sold out within the first two months. We soon realised that the hand formed glass was challenging to shape the narrow funnel to grip around the O-ring and developed the brass and stainless steel spun sleeves to keep up with the production demand.”

The year 2012 saw the official launch of the WOLTEMADE Range at Design Indaba, followed by an international launch of WOLTEMADE and their new range in 2014.

Design ethos

WOLTEMADE prefer to work with valued materials; glass, brass and solid wood and they explore various proportions to produce functional furniture with character to enhance and not dominate interiors. Designs that are viewed as investments.

Their designs have sparked global interest and their work has been featured in the latest Spring edition of the international design and architecture magazine, Domus on pages 43-45. To read the article, please click here. For our South African readers, keep an eye out for next month’s Visi where WOLTEMADE are also featured.

For more info email hello@woltemade.co.za

Introducing teckendoor

Stand 47 has partnered with garage door supplier, Teckendoor for their exquisite garage doors. Yes, we said exquisite, because their performance, installation quality and product excellence is out of the ordinary. Their product offers a number of features and benefits that differentiate it from other garage doors and which suit the Stand 47 ethos. The Teckentrup CarTeck GSW 40 brand provides high-quality, safe, reliable and easy to operate, sectional garage doors. Their springing system is completely concealed high up out of harm’s way and the garage doors are fitted with interior and exterior finger pinch protection to prevent injury. 

who are teckendoor?

Teckendoor SA has partnered with Teckentrup Germany to supply top quality domestic door systems for modern homes. Based in South Africa from 2009 and servicing Southern and middle Africa, the Teckentrup CarTeck range of insulated garage doors, combines the highest level of innovative product technology with design diversity.

Teckentrup Germany was founded in 1932 and today is one of the largest and most innovative European door manufacturers – over the past few years it has created a worldwide supply and support infrastructure that provides local flexibility and presence. The entire product range is produced at the Teckentrup plants and supplied from just one source. State-of-the-art engineering processes and CNC production systems guarantee continued progress and success.

Teckendoor offer the perfect solution for each and every requirement. State-of-the-art technology, first class materials, precise processing and continuous quality checks in accordance with DIN ISO 9001, guarantees perfect safety, reliability and long service life. They also provide project planning support, efficient processing of offers and orders, expert on-site advice, and professional installation on domestic garage doors and garage door automation equipment.

How does it work?

The CarTeck sectional garage doors offer high insulation by way of 40mm thick double walled steel panels with rigid PU foam insulation and door leaf seals of durable EPDM rubber profiles. This unique multi layered design results in tremendously robust and rigid doors, making it extremely difficult for burglars to break through, providing a harmonious combination of stylish design and intruder resistant security. These special design features mean that the doors are wind, weather and sound proof with a wide range of attractive styles, surfaces, colours and glazing options. All CarTeck Garage doors and motors are covered by a 5 point Teckentrup Germany warranty. Due to the superior materials, precision manufacturing and constant quality checks, reliability and long service life is guaranteed. This makes our sectional garage doors a worthwhile investment for every home owner.

For more info contact – 083 462 1704 or www.teckendoor.co.za