Site progress – week ten

There has been a lot of activity on site this week, providing the first glimpse of Stand 47’s form within the landscape of Monaghan Farm. The light steel frame installation process began while the brick retaining walls at the out buildings and garage have been raised to a meter above ground. 

Another important feature of the design that has also been installed consists of the steel columns that support the roof structure and frame the walkway along the northern façade. These were bolted into place and will be fixed to the main structure at a later stage.

Northern facade steel columns

Masonry retaining walls

New milestone – light steel frame installation

Today we began an important new phase of construction by commencing with the light steel frame installation. Within two hours the Northern façade frame had been erected, demonstrating one of the principal benefits of light steel construction – its speed of installation and complementary material efficiency. The pre-manufactured cold-formed light gauge galvanised steel sections arrived on site ready to be fit onto the raft foundation and stabilised into position. The majority of the light steel frame should be in place by the end of the week.

A summary of building Stand 47’s raft foundations

 digging the edge beam + cross beam trenches

Inserting the steel reinforcing within the trenches (these reinforce the beams)

Final adjustments + securing


Pouring in concrete to cast the foundations

Finished product

The fifth site meeting

So far, 22% of stand 47 has been built




Site progress – main raft foundation complete

Last week the main raft foundation was successfully cast, with only the garage and outbuildings remaining. All the service conduits have been cast within the slab until such time as services are installed. The concrete retaining wall to the South and West of the building is in the early stages of construction and two masonry walls (which will be clad with stone later) have been built. The light steel frame is currently being manufactured and should be arriving on site soon. This will be the next major step in the construction process, bringing to life the ‘skeleton’ of Stand 47.

Almost ready to cast the foundations…

Raft foundation + site progress

Good progress has been made on site in the last two weeks, with the majority if the bulk water, sewerage and electrical services installed. The construction of the raft foundation is also showing signs of progress, with preparation for the main house raft being almost complete. Steel reinforcing has been laid along the extent of the building footprint and shuttering positioned on the edges to contain the concrete when it is cast to form its edges. The next visible step will be to pour in the concrete, which will happen during the following week.