Setting out the site


During the initial stages after site handover, the contractor will be involved with the preliminary tasks required for site preparation which include clearing the site if necessary and adjusting levels on site. Apart from planning the location of a few practicalities on site (like material storage and service points), the contractor will also need to set out the areas where future building work will occur according to directives, Saint-Gobain products and dimensions specified in the building plans.

Site handover


It’s official, Stand 47 is on site!

Site handover took place this morning, marking the start of site work and the first steps into the construction process. The architects placed a peg in the ground to mark the position from which the contractor will be able to measure and prepare the site to build the Stand 47 case study house. Keep an eye on our Visual Diary to see the progress in the coming months.

Introducing our contractor…

We are happy to announce the selection of Style Projects as the main contractor for Stand 47, after they successfully won our construction tender. Over the past thirty years, they have built a good reputation for being a trusted construction company in the residential and commercial building industry. 

They specialise in residential new builds and alterations, offering a professional and quality service. Their ability to apply the latest in green building technology and earth-friendly building practices (like rammed earth walling, heat pumps and solar geysers) is enhanced by a team that comprises of exceptional brick layers, plasterers, painters and carpenters who are led by John Heeger and Wesley King

Preparing for construction

The architectural team attended a training session at Saint-Gobain today to familiarise themselves with the practicalities of building with the Saint-Gobain materials and technologies specified in Stand 47. For further information about product training at Saint-Gobain, check out their website:

Almost time for step 4 to begin!

With the tender process well underway, the Stand 47 team is excitedly anticipating the start of Step 4 – Construction within the next few weeks! During the construction phase, we will be sharing the process with you by documenting the transition and metamorphosis the Stand 47 from ideas into reality. Keep informed of our progress by following our regular Visual Diary updates or by checking out your Twitter and Facebook feeds.