Emerging on design indaba

When we first conceived of this website, we hoped to document the process of making a house, while also developing some ideas about alternatives to achieve this…. We would have been satisfied if only a few more people (other than the team) would follow the progress and find it useful. Beyond our expectations, we have now been featured the Design Indaba website! 

Catch the full article titled “Advanced in Design”, by following this link:    http://www.designindaba.com/news-snippet/advanced-design

Sunrise on Stand 47

Another one…

The documentation process

The documentation process is building up. Gavin Rooke, Michelle Cerruti of Saint-Gobain and Edna Peres met today to discuss adding content to the website as the project progresses. So far, the focus has been on explaining the context and background of the project. Now, the energy is shifting toward the content and technical specifications. 

This new phase of the Stand 47 Case Study project, is envisioned to hold the greatest amount of information and lessons for the team, interested professionals in the built environment, and people who are considering building their own home. The website aims to demonstrate the rationales and processes of building Stand 47, while providing useful tools for people interested in building efficient homes.  We hope that adding a new section on the website that chronicles these steps, will fill an important gap in the documentation process.


Michelle and Gavin discussing the technical content covered by Saint-Gobain on the website.

Stand 47 in the morning…

This will be one of the views from Stand 47’s Northern façade…
what a magnificent canvas to work with.

Stand 47 website has gone live!!

After some web design tweaking, a restructuring of the content…and an investigation into  creating a brand identity for Stand 47, we have gone live! We are looking forward to seeing people’s comments and feedback. The website contains both the theoretical themes underpinning the design, as well as a visual diary to track the progress during the 4 Steps we’ve identified in building a house. We are especially interested in monitoring how this digital approach to a visual diary tracks the evolution of this project as a record of the design and construction of the house.

Social profiles

Our Social Profiles have been created!
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