Defining the 4-step process

The team defines a 4-Step process comprising:
1 – Accommodation Schedule 
2 – Design 
3 – Specification and 
4 – Construction.

The process defines the order of priority for all decision making throughout the project and allows for feedback loops beyond the Accommodation Schedule stage. All decisions flow from left to right, unless a specific feedback loop warrants the re-evaluation of a previous decision.

Precedent studies – learning from the past

There lies great value in studying other buildings in order to learn from their successes and weaknesses. This form of precedent study forms a large part of the initial stages of the architectural process, wherein the principles, and not necessarily the aesthetic, are observed so that they may be applied in another context with new and different conditions. 

At Stand 47, the architect has taken clues from the modernist houses of the last century, shown in the images above. These houses show a simplicity that is the result of a number of conceptual design decisions and detailing strategies that focus on clean lines and continuity. Materiality and lightweight design as well as furniture or built in joinery as room dividers, also feature strongly. These principles are being adapted to the efficiency concept, creating the perfect backdrop for change to happen in future, while still maintaining the integrity of the building.

Setting the scene…

The cadastral specifications for stand 47. 

A 3m drop toward the East is a major positive feature of this site – and has generated the approach to drop the building into the site. In addition, the total site area is about 3766 sqm with a row of mature trees lining the Southern edge of the stand. Half of the total site area is allowable coverage.