14th site meeting  & progress

The first site meeting for 2014 was held today. Part of the meeting outlined the program for the next few weeks, during which time the final internal finishes, painting and landscaping will occur. The following posts document the progress thus far:

Rhinowood frames + glazing

Most of the Rhino Modified Wood frames have been installed along with their fixed panes of double glazing. The opening doors and windows will be installed next. All the frames have been painted.

Parquet flooring

Following the delivery of the Teak parquet, which will be installed over the next week. The main living space will be covered by the parquet, which will form a continuous surface upon which the internal partition walls will be placed afterwards. This allows for the walls to be removed at a later stage, without compromising the floor finish (the same philosophy applies to the Rhinolite ceiling.


Internal paint swatches

From the test swatches painted on one of the internal walls, the internal paint colour has been chosen. The colour on the left enhances the warm hues from the parquet and the stone cladding. 

Electrical work

Landscaping levels

Now that most of the heavy deliveries and construction work is over, the site levels will be slightly adjusted so that the veld grasses can be reseaded and the landscaping can begin to take root before the change of season.