4 Years of Comfort

A better house means one that costs you less in the long-run, is flexible to your changing needs and makes you feel more comfortable while causing less harm to the planet.

A better home does not need to be built using bricks. But rather than talking about it, we decided to show you by building it.


Our Aim

Our aim is to rethink the way we build houses in South Africa to meet the needs of contemporary lifestyles with the advances in Saint-Gobain’s building technology that uses less energy, is more flexible and most importantly, more comfortable.

Our Approach

Our approach is to show you how you can build a better home that adapts to the changing needs of your family over time using fewer resources and materials to do so.

Our Measurements

We put Stand 47 to the test with people like you who visited the house for a one night stay who then shared their own experience on the performance of the house throughout 4 years.

We conducted the #WinterTest to monitor energy savings and thermal comfort levels in Winter. The #RestTest to monitor how relaxed people feel in response to the added benefits of improved sound and air quality in Summer. The #ComfortTest to monitor how comforting a home like this is to people.

Our Results

Our results show our guests confirming that building a home using state-of-the-art Saint-Gobain materials has measurable and proven multi-comfort benefits.

  • Touch — Internal Temperatures The house maintains comfortable internal temperatures by providing highly effective thermal insulation and relative humidity.
  • Breathe — Removes Harmful Pollutants The house promotes good health by maintaining comfortable air temperatures, humidity levels, and removes harmful pollutants.
  • Hear — Acoustic Insulation Our guests agree that the house is exceptionally quiet with no transfer of airborne, impact and reverberation sounds through the house.
  • See — Invisible Performance Our guests were captivated by the natural light, outdoor views, traditional materials and contemporary forms that this technology enables through the modular design.
  • Thought — Environmental Impact Our guests were appreciative of the open-plan interior space as it reduces energy consumption, carbon footprints and running costs.
The Tests

They say the proof is in the pudding, so we conducted various ‘Tests’ with members of the public over the past two years. Guest were invited to experience Stand 47 and provide feedback across a range of seasons.


Apart from feeling the benefits of better thermal performance in winter, we believe that our guests also benefit from far superior overall comfort levels including, quiet indoor spaces, better air quality, improved aesthetics, and far great efficiency through flexibility.

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#WinterTest 2016 & #WinterTest 2015

We promised our guests that they could wear T-shirts in the middle of Winter to experience total comfort in the heart of a Highveld winter. On average our house was 6 degrees warmer than the outside without any electrical heating whatsoever and it was able to produce two-thirds of the energy required for the home through Solar PV panels.

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Not building?
Looking to Upgrade?

Our accessible comfort packs are specifically designed to upgrade your existing home to be more efficient and deliver a range of comfort benefits.


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