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We believe homes can be better. A better home is one that makes you feel better, that makes your life better. Not just a safe shelter, not only more comfortable, but also a place that makes you healthier, happier and perhaps even wealthier.

See our 4 year study measuring Stand 47's performance
Learn how to build the Stand 47 way
To look through the archive and discover new content, visit our
To look through the archive and discover new content, visit our
To explore our completed house
For a summary of our design and building process view
For a summary of our design and building process view
To better understand the benefits of our home view
For an easy to print summary of our entire project download our

We've created an 'easy-to-read' summary of the Stand 47 case study including the design and build process followed in the project. The downloadable case study offers a useful summary of the steps required when building a home right from the initial idea, to developing a concept and finally to implementation. It also offers insight into the technical specification of the home which is potentially useful to consumers and professionals alike.

For more on Stand 47, read the
For more on Stand 47, read the

SABC Morning Live / Weekend Live - Insert from launch event with interviews - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dORkg64Wsg 

SAFM Lifestyle Telephonic Interview with Gavin Rooke during 2014

Stand 47 design and architecture on 10 and 5 - CLICK HERE
Stand 47 has been added to the Artefacts architectural online database of South African architecture - CLICK HERE
Stand 47 on Built CLICK HERE 
Earthworks reviews the case study project, design and sustainability - CLICK HERE 
Engineering News has featured the innovative aspects of Stand 47 in print and online during September 2014 - CLICK HERE 
Stand 47 in the Financial Mail in print magazine and online - CLICK HERE 
Fixshack looking at the eco-design aspects of the house - CLICK HERE 
Featuring the design of future homes on 30 April 2014 in Future Spaces  - CLICK HERE 
JOZILIFE.CO.ZA featuring the case study - CLICKHERE
Real Estate magazine on 15 May 2014 - CLICK HERE
Full article on the house on Specifile - CLICK HERE
mbLife by Mercedes-Benz SA featured Stand 47 as 'a new way to build' during October 2014 - CLICK HERE
Business Day Wanted's Graham Wood explores how efficiency, comfort, wellness and environmental concerns increasingly inform the design of new houses in South Africa in their December 2014.

South African Home Owner explores the Better Home concept in their December 2014 issue.

Construction World Magazine published Stand 47 in an overview of the 2014 AfriSam awards on 1 December.

DeKat Novmber 2014, features Stand 47's benefits as an alternative way to approach housing...it's also our first full Afrikaans coverage.
VISI Launches GREAT SPACES in November - Stand 47 will be the first house on this series of tours through great SA spaces.

The Spring 2014 issue of W magazine features Stand 47's small changes that make a big difference.
The Sunday Times published Stand 47 in their Home Weekly edition on 11 October 2014: focus on making homes smarter for longer.
Easy DIY released during September 2014 covers the New Home Revolution that comes with using new materials.
Habitat #243 released in September 2014 covers the fresh approach to farm living offered by Stand 47:
SA Roofs June 2014 edition on Stand 47 re-imagining an ideal South Africa home:
Walls & Roofs June 2014, where Modern meets Traditional:
Building and Decor blog during May 2014:
Full article on VISI magazine looking at Stand 47 as a machine for living in:
The Saturday Star on 18 August had an overview of the house:

The Witness on 2 May 2014 p57 features Stand 47 breaking new ground:

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